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" Impressive! The information is great and right on target with what we tell our students."

---Julie Newman, Director of Career Development, Clemson University

 "This book is a valuable contribution to the profession of career services, and I look forward to including a copy of it in our Career Library." 

---Sean Gil, Associate Director, Career Center at California State University, Fullerton

 "Excellent resource for students! The author speaks in a tone that resonates with this generation.  I definitely will refer this book to students."

 ---Kristina Sanchez, Associate Director of Experiential Programs & Employer Relations, Pomona College 

"This book is on cue! Much of the info in this book is exactly what I tell my students and alumni to do as they begin their search!"

---Kimberly A. Beyer, Ed.D, Associate Director, Career Center at The University of Akron

"You will not find a collection of marketing tactics like this in any other book. Dr. Chiagouris knows everything about combining branding and business strategy to provide direction to landing a great job!  Follow his expert advice and go from unemployed to employed!"

---Dr. Iris Mohr,  Professor of Marketing, St. John's University

"Larry Chiagouris applies a lifetime of experience as a marketing/branding strategist to help new college graduates land that all-important first job.  The presentation is straightforward, with many practical examples for developing a sophisticated, comprehensive personal-marketing plan.  Job-seekers at any level of experience could use Dr. Chiagouris’ advice to solve that age-old question:  How can I be successful at securing a position that pays well and is also personally satisfying?  Highly recommended!"

---Bob Glass, Director of Library Services, Piedmont College

 " Larry is one of the few people who combines real world business experience with the rigor of a skilled academician. This book reflects that talent and his passion for helping students. This is a must read for every college graduate."

---Dr. Richard Plank, Director, Division of Business, 
University of South Florida

" Dr. Chiagouris ranks among the most caring, committed, and creative professors I have ever had the privilege of working with over the past twenty years. His student-centeredness is legendary as is his dedication to helping students find their place in this world. He finds nothing more fulfilling than empowering students to build a foundation for their own success while focusing on their strengths and uniqueness."

---Susan Maxam, University Director for Student Success, Pace University

" Larry Chiagouris has been conceptualizing and implementing highly successful branding strategies for decades, and this is one of his best – showing college graduates the nuts and bolts of how to develop their personal brand to get that all-important first job. Simply outstanding!"

 ---William Neal, Founder and Senior Partner at SDR Consulting, Past Chairman of the American Marketing Association and author of Value Creation: The Power of Brand Equity

 " This book is required reading for every college student wrestling with how to land an internship and their first - and best - position after graduation. Dr. Chiagouris outlines practical, easy-to-apply personal assessment and individual positioning steps helping job candidates clearly articulate who they are, why they stand out from their competition, and how to go about identifying and winning highly desired opportunities. I've worked closely with Larry on Madison Ave, and observed him in the classroom. He's a master at focusing attention and promoting consumer-brand engagement. This book leverages his  respected communications, branding, and applied marketing expertise to the benefit of all soon-to-be graduates.  Follow his roadmap, and land your job!"

---Steven M. Howard, Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Rainqloud Media, Inc.

" Larry taught me everything I know about research, branding, consumer insight and strategy. It’s an honor to have worked for him and know such an accomplished professional in the industry. After all these years, Larry remains my mentor and close advisor on all career matters. His knowledge remains vast and always up to date. "

---Frederique Covington Corbett, Director, Marketing Communications Asia Pacific, Consumer & Online at Microsoft

"In his book, The Secret to Getting a Job After College, Dr. Chiagouris grabs the readers’ interest with empathy for students in a post-college quarter life crisis period, recognizing that graduating college students face an overwhelming complexity of simultaneous pressures to meet multiple demands that can leave students with “no time to spare”.  When undergoing a job search process, Dr. Chiagouris challenges students to think of uncovering a professional “brand” that represents a wholly interactive complex unique person, including how they present themselves and treat others, and not relying on a lifeless two-dimensional paper or electronic resume.  With over 50% of the book focused on preparing students for a job search, Dr. Chiagouris reinforces that in today’s highly competitive, uncertain, and scare job market conditions getting a job should be respected as a journey of unfolding discovery and personal worth, rather than a haphazard hopscotch toss on a game board."

---Dr. Kendra Reed, Professor of Management, Loyola University,    New Orleans



"The Secret to Getting a Job after College is the perfect read for new grads looking to start on the right track."

--- Nicole Alicia of Barnes & Noble





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